Our partnership with the Mexican Consulate and the R.E.A.C.H program

Paola in front of the Mexican Consulate.

Paola in front of the Mexican Consulate.

This month our Las Vegas office was visited by representatives of the Mexican Consulate's REACH program, the consulate's health program which aims to provide guidance and referrals to the public with providers of comprehensive health services at low or no cost as well as providing education on health and welfare issues.  The services are accessible to anyone regardless of their status, race, color, religion, preferences or nationality. 

Through our partnership with REACH, we are able to provide counseling and mental health services as well as assistance to coordinate care with those who visit the Mexican Consulate. We are fortunate enough to be able to do this and enlist the help of our bilingual providers that we have in office. 

National Conference on Problem Gambling 2018


It's also great to see professionals and colleagues from other cities and parts of the country and how they handle gaming and gambling addiction. One organization that attends and presents every year is NICOS, the Chinese Health Coalition, located in Chinatown San Francisco. One of the biggest issues there is how common, acceptable, and encouraged gambling is in Asian cultures and communities. This allows us to have a unique insight on cultural awareness, family dynamics, and addiction and mental health. 

Every year our staff attends the annual Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling. This 2-day conference talks about how gambling and gaming addiction can be just as dangerous as substance abuse. The event is usually sponsored by the biggest name in Las Vegas's gambling world, ironically enough. This includes Ceasar's Entertainment, Konami Gaming, and the Sands Corporation, just to name a few, as they come together to explain their mandatory policies and guidelines on responsible gambling. 


Positively Inspired...

For a community to be whole and healthy, it must be based on people’s love and concern for each other.
— Millard Fuller

Millard Fuller knew what he was talking about when he spoke about COMMUNITY. The founder of Habitat for Humanity himself understood that love and concern for one another prompted each individual to contribute to the greater group's capacity to be whole and healthy. This is what the mission of Positively Inspired Community Outreach is when it comes to the purpose and place in our community. 

Blue PICO logo.png

Positively Inspired Community Outreach (PICO for short) was initially created by Stefanie Hui (Illuminations Counseling's CEO), and Erica Hunter (LCSW and therapist) as a place where the people of our community could come together and be inspired to do good. PICO became the non-profit side of Illuminations Counseling. As a 501-(c)(3), Positively Inspired Community Outreach's goal is to find appropriate and relevant funding for the organization in order to provide services to the community at no cost in addition to the services that were already provided on a volunteer basis. 


PICO offered groups, training, workshops, resources, presentations in the community, and the "I Am Awesome Project' which was a presentation that taught self-assertiveness and positive self-esteem skills to kids and adolescents in the school. Two wristbands were given out to all that participated, one for each participant and one to pass on to someone else to let them know that they, too, are Awesome

It took a while for grant funding to come in, but good things do come! In 2016, PICO received its first grant from the CARE Coalition, a Clark County communities coalition who's mission is to increase public awareness of the effects of drug and alcohol abuse by educating and supporting youth, adults, the community at large and drug prevention agencies in Clark County. The program topic came about due to the request of Illuminations Counseling's involvement with Clark County Family Courts' Diversion Court's need for a program in which youths and families could participate without having to pay or use insurance. This prompted PICO to bring in the Curriculum-Based Support Group (CBSG) program, an evidence-based prevention group to kids ages 4-10 years and adolescents ages 10-17 years. 

CBSG 2016.jpg

Positively Inspired Community Outreach continues to be Illuminations Counseling's non-profit branch. This year, the Board of Directors includes a robust group of professionals in their fields who will assist PICO's founders and staff in continuing to provide community outreach through the love and concern for one another in order to better our community's ability to become whole and healthy. 

To learn more about PICO's programs or how to collaborate with us, contact us