National Conference on Problem Gambling 2018


It's also great to see professionals and colleagues from other cities and parts of the country and how they handle gaming and gambling addiction. One organization that attends and presents every year is NICOS, the Chinese Health Coalition, located in Chinatown San Francisco. One of the biggest issues there is how common, acceptable, and encouraged gambling is in Asian cultures and communities. This allows us to have a unique insight on cultural awareness, family dynamics, and addiction and mental health. 

Every year our staff attends the annual Nevada State Conference on Problem Gambling. This 2-day conference talks about how gambling and gaming addiction can be just as dangerous as substance abuse. The event is usually sponsored by the biggest name in Las Vegas's gambling world, ironically enough. This includes Ceasar's Entertainment, Konami Gaming, and the Sands Corporation, just to name a few, as they come together to explain their mandatory policies and guidelines on responsible gambling.